I was wondering if anyone had any experience with dual hd casings. We are using an Intel Mac Pro mainly for editing with many external drives. the majority of them are two SATA 300GB drives in a dual casing. I'm concern about the way they have been set up. Two SATA 300GB drives in casing with the jumpers set to RAID-0 SPANNING, with options to set it as Non-RAID-0 and RAID-0 STRIPING. At the moment the drives have been partitioned in disk utility and when on the desktop they come up as two drives. I'm wondering if this is causing some problems with the drives, should they be set up in disk utility as RAID, or would it be best to have a non-RAID-0 set within the casing. I'm concerned as we are having difficulty with many of the drives now and they are not too old. Any ideas on the best set up here and if the way they have been set it could cause problems would be great.