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Thread: PC Keyboard mapping?

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    PC Keyboard mapping?

    I have a Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite (USB). For the most part, it works fine with my powerbook, but I have run into a few strange problems and wondered if anybody could help! For example...

    - The 'windows' key is the apple option button. That works good, but is there a way to remap it to the 'Alt' key? My thumb likes to hit the alt key better than the windows button key. :-) This isn't a biggie though...

    - The whole home/end configuration on the keyboard. I love using home and end to go from the end to the beginning of a line. Is there a way to map the keyboard to do this? Is there a shortcut I can use instead?

    I think that's all for now. Please excuse me if it's been discussed before..

    Thanks in advance!

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    This driver moves the Open-Apple and Option keys to a more familiar position for Mac users. Also, the PC Application key has been remapped to a power key, that can be used for shutdown, restarting, sleeping and entering debuggers.
    Not too sure what you can do for the beginning and end of line position, for thats a system wide function. For windows, Home takes you to beginning of line and End of course to the end. where as on the Mac, the Up Arrow = Home and Down Arrow = End.

    only thing i can think of is making a script for the OS X core service that incorporates the beginning and end of line functions for use with unsanity's APE (Application Enhancer). and if all of that went over your head, you could just get used to using Up and Down arrow :cool:

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    Drooling... Thanks for that link!

    I tried the up arrow and down arrow and it didn't work. Duh, I just tried it again and I held down the "Alt" key on my microsoft keyboard and it worked. I think instead of creating a script, I will live with alt-up and alt-down. :-) I don't care which key I hit, I just want a way to go home and end. :-D

    Thanks for your help!!!

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