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    May 06, 2008
    MacBook and external 20´´monitor
    Hi all,
    I have pluggued my macbook to a VG2021wm of viewsonic and can´t get the image correctly. When I click on ¨Detect Display¨ it finds it, saying ¨VG2021wm-2¨ but if I select the 1680x1050 resolution, the one I would like to use, the window only occupies a small portion in the center of the screen. I am using the DVI 2 VGA adapter. It´s a macbook dual 2.0, with OSX leopard and all the software updates installed...
    Any help more than welcome!

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    May 06, 2008
    pb fixed
    My macbook was not pluggued to the AC. Now it just works fantastic!

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