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    in need of a new Tablet
    well yeah, i love drawing and do a lot of graphic design work for school, and kinda want a tablet for my mac..

    Anyone know of any good tablets, no more then 200 please ^^

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    If you are going to get a tablet, you should get a Wacom.

    I have an older intuos2 4 x 5 tablet and it's great. You'll have to decide for yourself what size you'd like to get. The 6 x 8 I think is a good size too. Anything bigger I feel like my whole arm is getting a work out because you have such a large space to move around. The 4 x 5 looks really small, but you get used to the sensitivity of your movements, plus it's more portable, if that matters to you. The larger you get the more expensive it is too, so that's something to consider also.

    If I've done the pound to dollar conversion right, the newer Intuos3 6 x 8 is still well within your range.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    You should be able to get a bamboo tablet for that price range.

    Dollar to pound conversion is a poor indication for price. When I lived in the UK last a $40 pair of levis cost 40 quid.
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    I personally love my Bamboo Fun.

    It's a great tablet and it works very well.

    I worked with a few tablets, both professional and consumer, and through all the brands, I think Wacom is quite possibly the best.

    Can't go wrong.

    The bamboo (standard) is around $50 US Dollars. And the Fun is around $100 Dollars.

    Check out videos, reviews, and research through the models to find the one right for you.

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    You can also save yourself some money by finding wacoms on ebay

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