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    External harddrive compatibility with mac and pc
    I was just wondering if there are any external harddrives that can be shared between a mac and a pc...the one i bought "freeagent" 250gb could only work with one or the other...not both.

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    It's not the hard drive but the format it's in.
    If it's hfx it will only work on mac, but I think pc will read only.
    NTFS is opposite
    Fat32 should work on both, although mine didn't work on mac with fat 32

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    I haver a free agent 250

    LIke elma said

    HFS_ will work on a mac

    FAT32 can be formatted using disk utility and works on both

    NTFS will have to be formatted using a PC, macs can only read NTFS - unless you install a utility like macfuse that will allow a mac to both read and write to a Windows NTFS drive

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