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Thread: Lacie HDs + carbon copy cloner

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    Question Lacie HDs + carbon copy cloner
    Hi all. I bought myself a LaCie 160gb hd which is all great, and i downloaded carbon copy cloner as i'd read a previous post on here that said it was the easiest way to back up your system.

    BUT... when i open ccc, even with the HD up and running and on the desktop, it gives me a message saying it can't find any disks mounted on my system apart from the system disk.

    what's going on?

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    Is the LaCie disk formated for the Mac? If not, reformat it and try again.

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    Is the LaCie drive mounted and an icon displayed on your desktop, showing that it is available for use.
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    funnily enough i solved the problem but there seems to be no logic to it.
    i could see a drive, it was formatted and everything, disk utility told me it was mounted but ccc refused to play ball.

    so i partitioned the drive into two and then - hey presto - all was well. backup achieved.

    still doesn't make sense though, not to me anyway.

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    You don't mention the mac model but some older ones have problems recognizing large drives. I think 128 gb is the cut-off. By partitioning you probably created two partitions within the limit. The important thing is that it worked.

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