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    iMac Screen v. iBook Screen
    I am trying to decide if I want to get a new iMac of new iBook, one of the things I noticed at Apple was that the iBook screen looked really dull sitting right next to the iMac. Was the iBook just adjusted wierd or are the screens really not that great on the iBooks? I found the specs for the G5 iMac display at apple but they don't list them for the iBook.

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    The brightness might not of been turned up. Where did you view them, in an Apple store?

    The information should be there.

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    It wasn't really a brightness issue, more of a contrast problem and yes it was at the Apple Store. The only thing apple lists as the specifications for the iBook display is the supported resolutions and color, with no mention of anything concerning brightness, contrast, or response times.

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    Notebook screens are, as you would expect, not as great as a desktop PC. Chances are it was dimmed down, but I've seen no major problems. Sorry I can't help further.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iSheep
    Notebook screens are, as you would expect, not as great as a desktop PC.
    Thats pretty much what I figured. I didn't think the iBook looked bad when I was just looking at it, so I guess thats good enough.

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    Yeah, the desktops will always have better screens, but as laptop screens go, the iBook's one isn't half bad...

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    The iMac screen is going to be a bit better because it is bigger. However, I noticed the same thing on the iBooks in the Apple store. I was almost turned away from buying the iBook. But in actuality i don't really notice the difference when I use my iBook at home or school. You have to keep in mind the lighting at the Apple Store is very bright and very harsh which is another reason why the iBook looks dull on its small screen. Now, to the question of which should you buy.. it all depends on what you primarily need it for. Do you really need the portability or could you do without it? If I wasn't in school I could do without the portability and I would most definitely buy the new iMac.

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    Yes but the new iMac screen is covered with hard plastic and it looks VERY good, I've seen it. Much better than the previous iMac.

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