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    recommend a color laser printer
    what are you guys using, mac pc compatible?

    i really need to replace my home printer
    -it is a hardwire networked duplex color ink jet, it dosnt get alot of use and the ink dries up faster than it get used.

    everyone wants a printer that:
    -ethernet hard wire networked interface
    -is duplex, can print on both sides on the paper automatically
    -disposables are not near the total cost of the printer
    -color laser maybe black/white
    -has a scanner too with network interface
    -mac + pc network compatable

    i can get a discount at hp but liking the brother printers

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    Color Printer Reccomendation
    You might want to coonsider the Xerox Phaser solid ink printers. They have many advatages over laser incluyding a lower cost per print, better print quality, lower maintenance cost, faster etc..

    The new Xerox Phaser 8560DN has eveything you are looking for in terms of features.

    By the way you might qualify to get one of these units for free if you print volume is over 500 pages monthly. Fre details take a look at the Free Color Printer program from Color Printers

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    Avoid HP if at all possible, they still have not even fixed Leopard drivers for a great many of their printers, just visit their own forums to find many very unhappy users!

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