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    Mighty Mouse Question
    Hey guys,
    I have an Apple wireless Mighty Mouse paired up with my MacBook Pro. Located at the bottom of the mouse is a 'switch', if I push it down, it connects with the computer while if it is off (pushed up), it doesn't connect.

    When I turn the mouse 'on' after I have switched on the laptop, they don't connect unless I restart bluetooth on my comp... My "probably" only solution to this is to keep my mouse turned on. If I leave my mouse turned on, will it lose any battery or 'send any bluetooth' signals?

    Also, I've seen pictures of the wireless mighty mouse with a red laser beaming out from the bottom of the mouse, mine doesn't have any red laser (which is good) but why is that?


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    The first issue with your mouse not pairing after you turn it off is definitely abnormal. I switch my mouse off sometimes and turn it on after my MBP is on and it pairs up with a simple press of the mouse button. What kind of MAc are you using it with? There could be a difference between notebooks and iMacs, but I don't see why.

    Nevertheless, leaving it on at all times doesn't really matter. Most wireless mice have auto shutoff. I don't know if there's any time delay or how it works, but it definitely doesn't drain the battery constantly, and my mouse works the instant I move it even if I haven't used my computer for a long time.

    The other thing about the red light must either be from an old mouse or a photoshop job, because I don't have ever have a light coming from my MM, even when in use.
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