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    A Mac worthy of video editing; what are my options?
    At the moment, I am using my eMac for all word processing and image editing, and my PC for video editing.

    I would like to upgrade to something that can handle high end stuff like video editing and advanced image editing, but being a poor university student, i can't really afford the Power Mac G5 tower (which start at AU$2,600-$3,600) and an Apple Display (which start at AU$2,300).

    So what are my options? I thought about maybe buying a PowerMac tower and using my eMac as its monitor until i can afford a better one (assuming that would work? i don't see why not). But it would be good if I could find a better solution. Besides, even the cheapest dual PowerMac is $3,600. Something like an iMac G5 is much more affordable at around $2,000.

    What are the new iMac G5's like for video editing? if you installed a decent amount of RAM, could you comfortablly video/image edit on them?

    Any suggestions are appreciated

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    well, according to some test labs G5 iMac (standard 256 RAM) performs an same level as dual 1.25 G4 tower, which was quite nice for video/image editing. iMac's GPU will support core image in Tiger and this will make things even better. and if you put more RAM in it, it will become quite decent machine.

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    thank you that info is very helpful. sounds like an iMac is the best way to go. I just need something that can handle video editing comfortably - not going to be editing hollywood films - just be using Adobe Premiere mostly.

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