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Thread: Your Hardware Specs

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    Gonna put this here, because it doesn't really belong to any of the other forums...

    What are you using for hardware/software?

    I am using an iMac 17" G4 800Mhz with 768 MB of RAM. I have 10.2.3 I believe, and it is pretty cool. I am starting to get used to working with a Mac, as I am an NT/2000 sysadmin, it is kinda weird to work with OSX.

    Like I said in an a post in the OSX Games section, I will probably buy a tower next time for the upgradablility of it. I would like to upgrade my video card, and be able to shove more ram into. If I could get 2 gig of PC2100 into this thing it would probably scream. But right now, it has its times when it isn't so responsive. But I am getting used to that. It is a good trade off for stability A few seconds here, don't need to reboot there... It's worth it.

    Also, they keyboard is incredibly different. I have one of the white pro keyboards. The keys are so soft that I sometimes slide off the key I'm looking for and hit the one next to it. I hope they come out with a lighted pro keyboard, like the keyboards on the new PowerBooks!

    Finally, where is the damn Insert key? Or is there one? I'm so used to using VI and hitting Insert where, well where I want to insert something.
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    I am using G4 500Mhz powerbook with 768MB of RAM. Currently it is at 10.2.1, planning to bring it up to 10.2.3. My wife has an Ibook 500Mhz dual USB with 384MB of RAM. She is using 10.1.5, which will be upgraded when her school term has ended. The house computer is a Beige G3 powermac 233Mhz with 384MB of RAM. It is at 10.1.5. I have an IBM A30 thinkpad 1.2Ghz with 256MB of RAM. It is running Windows 2000. I am AN UNIX System Administrator. On my desk at work I have a sgi Octane workstation and an IBM 43p workstation. The sgi is running IRIX and the IBM is running AIX.
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    > 256MB SDRAM
    > Mac OS X - U.S. English
    > 40GB Ultra ATA drive
    > CD-RW drive
    > NVIDIA GeForce2 MX w/32MB DDR graphics
    > Mac OS X Jaguar & Mac OS 9 installed
    > Apple Keyboard
    > Apple Pro Mouse

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