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    color calibration for 20" Display
    Hey all,

    I have a MBP 17 w/ a 20" Cinema Display. I calibrated the MBP with the EyeOne 2 but I can't seem to calibrate the 20" Cinema. I'm using it to view my photos at full size but using the MBP to adjust. Any thoughts on how I can calibrate the Cinema of should I just set the profile to Adobe RGB 1998?

    Thanks to all.....

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    I know with the the consumer and prosumer version of the Spyder2, the software only allowed calibration on one monitor. Users had to buy the Spyder2Pro to calibrate two monitors. Maybe it's the same way with the Eye One. I checked the Greytag/ Xrite website and it didn't say. I don't know though. I've never use their products to help you software wise.

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    Hi, i use the same, are you swapping the arrangement of the screens,(with mirror mode disabled) so that the dock etc is on the 20" display? Then continue as per the 17"MBP screen..Profiles should be quite different..

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    Yes, do what Paul RS says, set the 20@ to the prime display and run the calibration gizmo on that (be sure to call the profile another name)

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