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    ATV Won't Play Rented Movies but will play everything else
    I recently hooked up my ATV to my network (with an Ethernet cable not wireless). It worked great..allowed me to purchase music, purchase tv shows, and synced great with my iTunes on my mac book. I can browse YouTube, watch movie previews. The problem is when I rent a movie the ATV will allow me to rent the movie...iTunes charges my credit card..i can even download the movie but when I try to play the movie i get the message "Your Apple TV is not Authorized to play this content." I spent two hours on the phone with Tech support and emailed back and forth with iTunes support with no resolution. I really don't think anything is wrong with the ATV but who knows. I even hooked the ATV directly to my modem (Charter Cable is my ISP) and got the same results. Very frustrating. Has anyone else had similar problems with their ATV?

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    Hate to ask but did you by chance set up parential control and the movie has
    a pg or higher rating.

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