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Thread: OS X Opening Sound Edit.

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    Smile OS X Opening Sound Edit.
    How do I edit the opening sound(tone) when my Powerbook comes on? I would like to edit the tone by replacing it with the opening sound of the Matrix movie.
    If anyone can help, i would appreciate it.
    I am a newbie/switcher from PC. And will never go back. Just use the PC for games now.


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    can't do it. the sound is hardwired into the system so you can't change it
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    You can, however add that sound as a startup sound (like in OS9 and below) by using the App, Classic Startup Sound. It will play when you log into your profile....

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    Unhappy No start up sound
    Does anyone no why the staup sound suddendly dissapears? I updated to 10.3.4 a while ago and now I don't get a sound at startup. Sound works fine in all other areas. Subsequent updates to 10.3.6 have not cured this. Any help would be much appreciated.

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