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    Acrobat Professional 7.0 Advanced search freezes keyboard (10.5.2)
    Hey All,
    It's my first post here so I just want to say thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.
    I've recently started using 10.5 and keep running into problems. My current issue is that when I am viewing a PDF in Acrobat professional 7.0 and I pull up the advanced search window to search my keyboard stops working and I cannot type anything in the search box.
    If I switch to another app using "apple+tab" and then back to acrobat, my keyboard magically starts working again.
    So, I type in a search term, it searches, then I want to do another search and again my keyboard is frozen.

    Any ideas would be great.


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    According to Adobe's FAQ, Acrobat 7 is "Likely to encounter issues for which there is no resolution" under Leopard.

    Which leaves you with two options...upgrade Acrobat, or downgrade Leopard.

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