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    How do i stop OS X's Startup programs
    it was a minor hassle but i got apache && Lighttpd compiled and running.

    now, i can kill the new apache process by doing
    $ sudo apachectl stop
    in the bash.

    thats not good enough. i want to learn how to stop this from starting up so i stop others from starting up. i can create a simple shell script to start this up once i get it all setup but still need to know how to STOP it at startup because i want to stop other things as well.

    well, off to compiling and installing MySQL and PHP.

    thank you for your help

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    Try this first to see what shows:

    Sys Preferences>Accounts>your name>Login Items tab
    shows what is available to start and the checked items do start on startup.

    This is for Tiger.

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    Mar 02, 2008
    those are login items. i can't access that area anyways because i'm on a work mac. they have active directory or some other dumb bull**** they put on here.

    i'm in /System/Library/StartupItems and looking in there. apache is in there and i'm going to see if i can stop that from loading up. and other things i don't care for if it isn't needed for me personally.

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