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    Mar 05, 2008
    Trouble installing Leopard
    My Mother just got a new Macbook and it comes with Leopard install dvds.

    I was wondering if I am allowed to install Leopard onto my 1 year old Macbook. Because for some reason when I insert the dvd and let it restart, after choosing English as my preferred language it just stops and said you are not allowed to install this software.

    I have enough free space and my computer is new (and running 10.4.11) and fits all the system requirement as far as I know.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Jan 27, 2007
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    if it came w/ the computer it was only for that comp

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    Mar 05, 2008
    Thanks for the reply. I thought that this would be the case but wanted to know for sure.

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