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Thread: clock freezing

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    clock freezing
    the clock in my toolbar keeps freezing
    i have 10.3.5
    please help me
    im me if you want myapologiestguk

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    Please be more specific if you want answers. What were you doing when it froze? Have you been able to get it unfrozen for a bit before it freezes? Have you tried restarting?

    Good luck, but you have to be more specific if you want people answering you.

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    I know you're not gonna believe this suggestion, but it simply can't hurt to run repair permissions

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    This has happened to me once before, I logged off, logged back on again and it's never happened since. I think I was dragging items in and out of the menu bar, I confused it a bit.

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    yeah i restarted and it happened again so i took all the 3rd party stuff out of the tool bar, repaired permissions and its good to go

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