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    Leopard Trash Issue
    My trash icon keeps indicating that the trash is full when there are no items listed. I have tried relaunching finder, emptying the trash (multiple times), secure emptying the trash, and a couple of command line things that didn't work. Any thoughts? Thanks

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    It might be a permissions problem. If you can give me the output of "ls -lh ~/.Trash/ ls;ls -ldh ~/.Trash/" (with no quotes of course), I may be able to help you diagnose a problem.

    EDIT: let me be more concise. Issue that command in the terminal. To open a terminal hit command space, type terminal, and hit enter to open it.

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    i think i know what may be causing this...had the same issue a few days may have some issues with an external drive...incase yo have any eject them & your trash should say ts empty...however it will return once you re-plug need to locate the files causing the error....mine was a folder called "found 001" or something like thati just deleted that & my problem was may just be the same for you...hope this helps...

    (i have a feeling it was created when i ran a verify/repair command from disk utility on my ext. drive)

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