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Thread: "Lost" Mail backup on Time Machine

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    Question "Lost" Mail backup on Time Machine
    My MacBook Pro had lots of old sw on it wand was running slow so I used Time Machine to back it up and the reformatted and re-installed 10.5.

    During the re-installation, I was asked if I wanted to migrate all my user stuff from the Time Machine backup, but I declined: I didn't want to re-create my old slow environment.

    After installation was finished I tried to recover from the Time Machine disk. However, Time Machine doesn't seem to recognise that there are valid backups on the disk.

    SO I manually navigated through the directory structure and copied across the bits I wanted (photos, music, one or two apps). And this worked fine and has worked for the last two weeks.

    What I haven't been able to do is recover my Mail. This would normally be a disaster, but nowadays I mostly use Gmail. But I do want to recover this Mail stuff; it has a five year archive. I can see the Mail app there, but dragging and dropping it doesn't work.

    Is there some special pixie dust I need?

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    Give this a shot; close everything but mail. Select the Time Machine icon and see what you get. After formatting my disk and having Time Machine bring back everything my mail was missing. I had to have mail open and then go into Time Machine. I saw the mail app with nothing but a message asking if I wanted to restore mail. Worked perfectly.

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