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Thread: Finder sidebar "shared" tab gone

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    Feb 19, 2008
    Finder sidebar "shared" tab gone
    Hi, I just bought a macbook in NYC (just in case that info helps). I took it home and tried to send stuff to my girfriends mac using the shared option tab on the sidebar of Finder.
    The sidebar does not seem to have a Shared tab. I have Devices, Places and Search for. I have tried in Finder sidebar preferences to activate the tab, but it says that it is already there. There is a tick beside connected servers and Bonjour computers but it is just not there in the Finder?!!
    My girlfriend has successfully sent me files from her macbook via the drop box and and public folder but I cannot see her macbook at all.
    This is quite perplexing and I dont know what to do.
    Its a brand new macbook, 2.2ghz, 2 gig ram.
    Can anyone offer any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance

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    Jun 24, 2008
    My reply to a similar post

    Shared computers were showing up on in my Finder's sidebar until I reinstalled Leopard. However, if I booted from my external drive (I cloned my HDD before reinstalling Leopard), the shared computers would show up again.

    Having found no solution on the net, I called Apple since I have AppleCare. That's where I got that solution.

    You might have to relaunch Finder if you powered on the other computer after you've powered on yours.


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    Thumbs up shared tab missing in finder
    I have a Mac OS-X and a MacBook Air and lost the Shared Tab in Finder on both machines. I took the MacBook Air to Apple and they connected to their internal internet system and the Shared Tab suddenly appeared on my laptop. From this I gathered that it was an internet issue. I connect to the internet using my Apple I Phone 4 only. I switched the phone off and then on again and BINGO the shared folder now appears again on both computers.
    Hope this helps others as I have spent hours.

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