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Thread: Moved to OSX!

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    Moved to OSX!
    I'm a Slackware user that moved to OSX, atleast for my main desktop. I have two questions. How to i changed what apps start on boot, is there some mac utility for this or do i have to go edit the boot scripts. The second question is how to i set my root password. It didn't do it on the install.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcottere
    How do i changed what apps start on boot,
    system preferences---Acounts---your acount---startup iteams

    that should work!
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    The root password is in the same sort of area, only rather than Startup Items, it's under Security.

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    Thanks. There aren't many gui configs in Slack, it's a shock to have to use one

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    What is slackware? Are you talking about an OS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcottere
    Thanks. There aren't many gui configs in Slack, it's a shock to have to use one
    You don't have to, you can use the terminal...

    Don't forget that OS X is based on FreeBSD

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    Slackware is a version of linux. And I have another question. How to do you delete unused custum color calibrations. Preferences-Display-Color

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