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Thread: hi, how to i get rid of this?

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    hi, how to i get rid of this?
    hey guys, this might be a silly question but there's this black grid box that's appearing everywhere on my iMac .. here's how it looks like:


    it didnt appear before and it's bugging me, how do i get rid of it??

    thanks in advance!!
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    With Tiger, anyway, go to Universal Access in the preferences, and turn off Enable access for assistive devices. It's likely the same with Leopard.

    At least the computer isn't speaking everything your mouse passes over.

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    When I switched to the Mac with the introduction of intel chips I bought a mini and set it up. A few months later this happened and I rang Apple. Nobody knew what it was !! So I had to re-install Tiger !! It was only when it happened again that I found the answer.
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    As Brown Study says, you probably accidentally turned on Universal Access. Make sure that in your System Preferences -> Universal Access pref pane is set like this...

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