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    Shift icons to the left this seems to be a pretty stupid question but i havent been able to figure it out as of yet...i want to palce my icons on the left hand side of the screen, now i know you can drag the icon over to that side of the screen and it will sit there but when you download something or mount a drive or anything it by defualt mounts to the right hand side again. so what i want to do is to force them to show up on the left hand side....i got a feeling that there is no setting localy in OSx for this and im thinking im going to need a piece of software...i've tried tinkertool but still no luck....anyone have any suggestions...or a piece of code i can change in terminal ?

    thanks in advance

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    I have not seen anything to do as you have requested.

    I don't like the M$ way of placing all of the icons on the left side. It looks like Apple is doing the opposite. I pefer mine to be on the top or bottom of the screen, but that is me. You can try version tracker or mac update, you might be able to find something to resolve your problem.
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