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    preventative maintenance?
    I switched from Windows in June, and I must say that Mac is definately just... better I guess.

    but I have had somthing that's been bugging me the entire time I've had my iBook.

    and that is that I haven't been doing the regular weekly maintenance that I had to do on my PC. Defragging, anti-virus scanning, Ad-ware scanning and the like.

    why is it that I'm not doing this on my mac?
    Should I be? and if so, what programs should I use?

    thanks in advance.

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    No spyware to scan for
    No viruses to scan for
    OS X automatically takes care of the file system

    Once a month or whenever you install a program or update go to Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility

    Click the Macintosh HD and Repair Disk Permissions in the first aid tab

    Thats really all that you need to do
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    Well that seems deceivingly easy...

    ...that's what I love about my mac... it's rediculously easy, and is low demand compared to my PC.

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