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Thread: Hints/Tips?

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    I'm a new Mac user, just making the PC-switch, and I have a new G5 and a Powerbook (obviously with Panther) which I love.

    I was wondering if there are any really good tips, tricks, hints, or other things I should know/check out about my system other than the obvious things I can play with in the System Preferences panel?

    Websites, articles, books, or any other references would be great! I knew my Windows systems backwards and forwards and although I LOVE my new Macs, I'm feeling a little out of touch because I don't know many tricks, time-savers, or cool extras about the system yet.


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    I love this book: The Missing Manual. Full of every little thing you need to know, from very basic stuff to very technical stuff.

    O'Reilly Publshing

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    I have it too, and I strongly recommend you buy it. It's well written, not the usually boring tech book, and the best introduction to Mac OS X I found until now.
    It's quite a thick book, but fascinating enough you won't get bored discovering OS Xs little secrets...

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