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fleurtje 02-16-2008 12:06 PM

10.5.2: blue screen, grey screen, and then nothing... No boot possible.
Hi there,

I use this forum for the first time and I hope you can help me. I upadted my Macbook Pro up to 10.5.2 and then the problems began. First with Time Machine and Finder; Time Machine couldn't complete its back-ups and when I used the Finder, the beachball appeared all the time. Now, I can't even boot my notebook. What happens: I press the ON-button, I get a grey screen with Apple logo, a grey screen with Apple-logo and rotating progress-symbol (don't know what the english term is for this), then a blue screen, blue screen with movable cursor, blue screen with rotating symbol, blue screen with cursor, and that's all. I wasn't able to safe boot, either.

I don't want to clean install Leopard, because of the Time Machine problems, I wasn't able to make a recent back-up og my HD.

I hope you can help me, thanks a lot in advance. Kind regards!!

Sherman Homan 02-16-2008 12:53 PM

Sounds like a hard drive problem. Boot from your Leopard CD, but don't start the installation process. Choose your language, select Utilities from the Menu Bar, select Disk Utility. Click the First Aid tab, make sure that the SMART status is Verified. Click Repair Disk. Let us know what happens!

fleurtje 02-16-2008 01:01 PM

Thanx, Sherman. My Leopard disk is at home, and I am not at the moment. Tomorrow, I will try what you said. Is it dangerous for files on my HD?

So I have to insert Leopard CD and then press boot-button? When I did so, I will report!

fleurtje 02-16-2008 01:21 PM

wow, a small miracle happened, a boot worked. Strange thing by the way: caps-lock ON means small letters, caps-lock OFF means capital letters.

My question: with the laptop now (a bit) working, what can I do best now to search and solve my problems? Hope to hear from you, thanx!

MacHeadCase 02-16-2008 01:37 PM

Try reapplying the 10.5.2 Combo update. Go to Apple/Support/Downloads and grab the installer, download it and save it to your desktop.

Unplug all unnecessary peripherals.

Restart in Safe Boot mode by holding down the Shift key during startup.

Log in your account. Install the 10.5.2 Combo updater.

Restart normally.

See where this takes you. Report back. Good luck! :)

fleurtje 02-26-2008 01:12 PM

it appeared to be a fatal disk problem...
Hi again,

Bad news unfortunately! While I was struggeling with my MacBook, I checked my DiskUtility again and the massage was (something like): "There has been a fatal hard disk problem. Try to back-up what you can and replace the HD".

I spent hours and hours to back-up everything (I could only do it in small peaces) and then I brought my notebook to the Apple-store. They were surprised that there was a fatal HD-problem and in the meantime de DiskUtility-program could still tell me that there was a problem. And that I could still back-up in a way.

Now, it has been sent away to be repaired. I have to wait for about a week (or 2) and then I hope everything is fixed...

Thanks for your help or at least constatating that it was a HD problem. I don't hope that you see me back here soon with the same kind of problem ;D .

Thanks again, kind regards, Fleur

harryb2448 02-26-2008 04:14 PM

Consider an investment in DiskWarrior 4 for your Macbook. It is the best HDD maintenance tool available, and use it once a month.

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