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    no Mac OS X with Mac Book Pro ?

    I bought a Mac Book Pro a few months back (just after release of Mac OS X 10.5). With my Mac machine I've received cd with suppose to be Mac OS X 10.5 as there wasn't enough time to install it on the machine.
    By default OS 10.4 has been installed.
    My OS stoped working sometime ago (it was my fault) so I've decided to reinstall it. I've chosen option of backup the old system (to keep my data) but, prbably due to disk capacity, this installation failed. So I decided to format my disk and install fresh copy of the OS.

    Unfortunatelly it turned out that cd is just OS upgrade from 10.4 to 10.5 and because I've broken my previous system I'm unable to install anything right now ?
    I'm without a OS and machine is completely useless :-(

    I had been almost sure that I bought Mac OS X 10.5 with my machine. I was waiting with buying this machine esspecially becouse OS X 10.5.

    What shall I do now ?
    Was someone tricked me ?
    Can I go to an Apple Store and demand a cpy os the OS ?


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    Open the white box that came with your MAC titled "Everything Else" and in it you will have your 10.4 install CDs. Install 10.4 and then install the 10.5 upgrade disk.

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    I'm an idot!
    You're right!
    The process can take a while (install 10.4 and upgrade it to 10.5) but at least I don't have to spend extra money.

    Thanks for quick answer!

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