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    .mac wont' sync mail accounts
    I am transferring all my information from my MBP to my new Mac Pro and set up .mac so that I could transfer my bookmarks, mail, etc. settings. So far it seems that everything has transferred fine. I may be overlooking something but the one big problme I have is with mail. It transferred over my .mac email but I have a comcast email plus 4 email addresses for my business which are very important. I have it set up on both my MBP and my Mac Pro to transfer mail accounts. Is there any reason it won't do this?

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    To the best of my knowledge... .mac will only sync .mac accounts not comcast, etc. I have a couple of other email accounts that I run on my MBP and an iMac, if they are setup as IMAP it should work just fine to add them to the new computer. If they are POP.....well maybe someone else will have an idea what to do. Good Luck.

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    Yes, they are imap so that should be a good thing. I didn't realize this. maybe a future version of .mac will fix this but at least now I know and will set up all the accounts.

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