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    Exclamation Error installing OS 10.0.3
    After a long battle with my Mac regarding frequent crashes, freezes, and general application misbehaviour, I decided to reformat my Hard Drive, the two partitions included (one contained OSX and the other OS9). I have successfully managed to install OS 9.2 on both new partitions, but just canít install OSX. I am trying from a 10.0.3 CD, as it is the only boot disk I have, but near the end of the installation, it says that there is an error and I should try to reinstall. I have tried over and over, nothing works. Thanks for any help what so ever, I'm getting desperate!

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    Apple gave free upgrades to 10.1 for owners of 10.0." This is because Apple sort of stuffed it up. So, get a free upgrade, and I think that would include a new disk? Or did they expect you to download they upgrade? Anyways, if they give you a new disk, or upgrade your current disk for you, there is no worry.

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    Maybe, but it's not normal that the installation doesn't even finish properly, is it?

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    I don't think so, but if you get a new disk, it might still fix the problem since the problem might have been the 10.0.3 installation disk was scratched. So if you get 10.1, you get a new disk, well at least I think you get a new disk. Plus, there must have been something REALLY wrong with 10.0 for Apple to exchange the OS with a new one. It takes alot for that to happen.

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