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    Allocating memory to classic
    I have a program that I need to use for my physics lab that runs on OS9. Whenever I use this program in Classic mode the program runs out of memory within minutes of use. I am viewing the memory use through system preferences and Im thinking that there is not enough memory allocated for this program. At the startup of the program, it has used 4293KB of 5229KB memory and it uses up the rest very fast. Is there a way to give it more memory??

    Thanks in advance.


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    Here are instructions from the Apple support website:

    Application Memory

    You can increase the available memory allocated to a Classic application by selecting the application in the Mac OS X Finder and choosing Get Info (10.2) or Show Info (10.0 to 10.1.5) from the File menu. This will display an info window that has a disclosure triangle labeled Memory. Click on the disclosure triangle to reveal and modify the memory settings for the application.

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    Thanks Nathan! It worked like a charm.

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