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    Can I install 10.4 on my G4 867mHz Dual Core?
    Hi Guys, I recently acquired a Power Mac G4 M8570 867mHz Dual Core machine with 2 gig of RAM. It looks like it came with 10.3 but I'm hoping I will be able put 10.4 on there.

    Can anybody tell me if this is possible?!


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    That machine will run 10.4 Tiger quite well. Just be sure there is a DVD drive as Tiger comes default on a DVD. Your machine even meets the requirements for Leopard 10.5 but on that G4 you might be better off with Tiger. Be sure to get a full retail version of Tiger and not some DVD that comes with another Mac. They are machine specific and also no Intel version will install on a Power PC Mac like yours.

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    Thanks very much for the info, you strangely picked up on what I've already tried..... installing 10.4 from the the discs that came with my mac mini..... and yeah, no joy, that would explain why!

    Cheers : )

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    As dtravis7 said you must use full install DVDs.

    These are black colored discs. All restore discs that are model specific are a grey color, which no doubt your Mini discs are.

    Your machine is known as a Mirror Disc Doors (MDD) 867MHz DP (Dual Processor). It will operate quite nicely with your 2GB RAM.

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