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    Question Problems when waking from sleep mode.
    Hey what's up guys, first post here.

    Anywho, on my MBP, whenever I wake my computer, about 50% of the time, it will stay on a black screen from anywhere from a few seconds to like 5 minutes or so until I give up and power-button it 'till it turns off. The computer itself seems to wake up because the superdrive makes the noise it makes, and you hear the fans turn on, but the monitor stays off.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for the help.
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    I have had the same problem too. A couple times and it worries me.

    Any insight would be appreciated!!!

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    this just happened to me too this morning

    EDIT: hopefully, 10.5.2 fixed this problem

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    having same problem with 5.2 installed!

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    I have the same problem too! I thought it was just mine

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    I had this problem as well, and it turned out to be istat pro. But I really like it, so i figured that istat nano wouldn't have these same problems, and it did.Uninstalled about a week ago and no more problems.

    So my suggestion is to uninstall anything that has to do with istat.

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