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Thread: 10.3.5: Freeze all time

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    Angry 10.3.5: Freeze all time
    Anybody had similiar troubles after upgrade the OS?

    I upgraded from 10.3.4 to 10.3.5 and my G5 become instable... Keyboard and mouse stops but the system didn't stop...

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    Yesterday I used OnyX ( the check the permissions, clear the database and so on, and then, install the update 10.3.5 combo...

    Result: the G5 continues instable.

    Next step: Install again the 10.2 and up to 10.3.4

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    That's why I don't install updates unless exactly or almost 100% recommended by the people who I ask when it comes to big updates like 10.3.* and SP 2 for Windows XP

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    Apple release a new "update": 10.3.5B
    All freeze stops!!!!

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