Hi there!
I hope I have posted this question in the right place, but not sure what the problem is.
yesterday I downloaded the G-force (Gold) visualizer off of the G-force web site, paid my $10, and followed the installation instructions. Started up I-tunes and turned on the G-Force visual, no problem, perfect. After 10 mins I tried to open Mail and would not open, the icon bounces a few times, then got the spinning ball. This was the same for safari, I-photo, I-movie, So I went to do a re-start, that didn't work I just got the spinning ball.
In the end I had no option but to press the power button to shut down.
I then deleted the G-force software, Powered back up and there's no change, I have the same problems as before.
I have used warrior to do repair disk permissions, this has not solved anything, still the same problems as above.
I have no Idea what to do next, and find it hard to believe that a small bit of software that I have paid for has created so many problems?
The last thing I want to do is to re-install the OS system.
I would be very grateful for any advise on this problem.
Mac Specs: G5 1.8GHz PowerPC. 512MB DDR SDRAM, 160GB Hard Drive. 20" Apple Cinema Display with the latest Panther OSX.