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    New Macbook Pro, use Time Machine to Switch Over?
    Hey All...

    What is the best/easiest way to switch my entire system (files and apps) to a new computer? I ordered a new macbook pro and will be giving my macbook to a friend. I have Time Machine on my current macbook. Should I wait until I get my new MBP and transfer the file with Migration Assistant, or can I just give him the new one, and Restore to my New Computer with Time Machine when it shows up?



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    I recently did a complete format and reinstall of Leopard using Time Machine and it went fine. You should be fine doing it with your backup. When you start it for the first time, it'll ask you if you want to use a time machine backup to set up your new Mac. Just connect your drive and choose the option to restore from TM and you should be fine.
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    Thanks, I think I'll give that a try!

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