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Thread: Startup randomly differant

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    Startup randomly differant
    Hi, I havent had my ibook for very long, I installed a stick of 512 mg ram and shortly after the Finder and world icons went away at startup. Now there is just a black screen and goes right to the gray apple logo and the loading wheel. Does it have anything to do with the ram or what? thanks.

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    Make sure the RAM is seated properly. If it still does not work, then remove the RAM and see if your system will work.
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    Nevermind. Figured out that I unknowingly changed the startup disk to OSX. Must have been on Network, so thats why there was is a world and finder icon at startup. Excellent.

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    Yea I was just about to say that you made startup easier.

    The WWW icon was your computer trying to find the network boot disk
    The Finder icon was the computer searching your hd for the disk to boot
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