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    displaying images in a folder window
    sorry, i filed this in a different thread already but maybe in the wrong one. could anyone tell me how to display a picture in a folder? thanks for any help.


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    Open a Finder window, select the 'view' menu and then 'show view options'

    In the options box that pops up, select 'show icon preview'

    That should do it!

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    i don't know what thats going to do. it doesn't seem to do anything. eg) i have a jpeg and i want it to be displayed at the top of an open folder window - as you would see with maybe an application's instal folder. one that is not grabable. does this make my question any clearer?


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    Ahhhh, you want a background!

    Finder > View > Show View Options > Background (at the bottom) > Picture > Select and enjoy!

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    ok - sorry about the discriptive inadequacies. now - if i were to send this file to a friend - this picture wouldn't go with the folder, would it? is there a way to include it in the folder? thanks again


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    Haven't a clue, but I've seen it done. I have a feeling it's done using StuffIt, but I've never done it myself so I'm not sure.

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