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shorki 07-14-2003 07:55 PM

Hi I cannot eject my dvd after I unmounted it from the command line
I just created an image of the dvd and had to unmount it before i did that according to one of the posts here. Do I need to mount it again before I can eject it or is there anohter command .. if so how do I mount it please or eject it.

Powerbook 17"

rman 07-14-2003 08:13 PM

If I understand this right. You have a DVD disk stuck in the DVD drive. The easiest thing I can think of is reboot, and press and hold the mouse button. Upon reboot the disk should be ejected. You can also try pressing the f12 key. Hopefully this is of some help. :)

Graphite 07-14-2003 08:42 PM

Yeah or if you force quit/relaunch your finder that will set it all back rite up.

gatorparrots 07-14-2003 08:43 PM

Try the Eject button in iTunes. It can unmount most stubborn discs without necessitating a reboot. After that, you may need to enter disktool -r in the command line to refresh the disk arbitration table. Then, you could restart the Finder for good measure. That should put you back in business.

rman 07-14-2003 09:29 PM

Thanks gatorparrots, I knew you would come to the rescue. :)

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