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Thread: Leopard Install woes...

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    Leopard Install woes...
    Greetings all,

    Ok, so I'm trying to upgrade to Leopard from 10.4. I don't have the install disk, I have the .dmg of the install and need to put it on a disk to run it. I've made numerous dual layer coasters trying to do it right and none seem to work.

    I've burned to a DVD with the file as a .dmg, .cdr, .iso nothing seems to work. When the disk is done I re-insert it in the drive (I'm working on an intel iMac) and it shows the files on the disk just like an official Leopard disk with the install file, optionals and instructions folders.

    So I double click on the install and I get a welcome screen and I'm told to restart to begin. So I do. Nothing. I do so again holding down the C key. Nothing. The only difference I notice in starting up is that before the apple icon pops up on that initial gray screen, is a folder icon with a question mark in its center pops up for a split second, then the apple logo pops up and it boots as normal.

    What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any insight.

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    You are not buying the disk from apple, thats the reason it wont work

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    As was stated, in order to upgrade your system to 10.5 (leopard). You will need to purchase a full install media. That is the only way to get to 10.5. Once that is done, you can down load the 10.5.1 update and install it
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    Wow! You just joined and you didn't read the forum rules...

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