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Thread: Networking - Help!

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    Networking - Help!
    Hello Im new here so dont flame me abt searching or if this is in the wrong area or anything.

    I have a powermac G5 Dual 1.8

    I also have a HP windows laptop.

    The HP laptop is connected by wireless lan to a router which is connected to my DSL modem.

    I have connected my Mac To my laptop by an ethernet cable and entered my IP router DNS and allt hat info.

    The internet wont work.

    Do I need to have a crossover or will the ethernet cable work.

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    Please Anyone!

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    I think you need a network swich.

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    So you're trying to use your Laptop as your G5's connection to your LAN? (Because you don't want to plug the G5 directly into the router?)

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    Window/MAc same ISP
    I have been using both a PowerMac G4 dual and a Window machine just using a SMC 10/100 6406tx switch and it works just great. I am even using sharing option for my printer to work on both machine.

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