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    canon CD printing
    well it would seem that the cd label print program has problems in Leopard

    I found this on another forum i have tied it and it works ok

    "I've just spent over 3 hours searching the solution to a problem when using Canon iP4300 when printing disks, such as CD and DVD's. There's an undocumented error number, which not many know of, the dreaded Error 1851, which no one really understands. The message says that you need to close the inner tray door to print, but as you have the F tray in there, it has to be open, to print on disks.

    So after many hours of seach, to find the solution to the problem with Canon iP4300 and Error 1851, I found a workaround for us who use Mac OS 10.4.9 and upwards. I will post the solution here, as I hope that maybe some search engines will find this post, and it'll help someone else with the same problem.

    The problem has nothing to do with the printer, the printer is fine! The problem is the software that comes with the printer, the CD-LabelPrint software for Mac OS X. So this is what I found:

    Make your design, or import an image for your layout in the sotware. Click the Print button and do all that says on the promts, like choose the right printer (iP3400), the CD-R Tray F format, and then in the print dialog, choose by Quality & Media Printable disk (recommended) and the default Disc tray (and if you print photo's on the disks, choose to print top quality photo's).

    Then save as a PDF in the left bottom dialog of the print dialog. This is key to the workaround for us Mac Users!

    Open the pdf-file in the Preview software that comes with Mac OS X, do the same settings as above, an then print it. It'll now work perfectly to print on your disks. No evil error messages anymore, and I did 4 disks in a row after this solution. So the problems looks like a compatible issue with Mac OS X version 10.4.9 and the latest version of CD-LabelPrint software, version 1.5.

    Oh and PS, if you do want to make the printing area lager in the CD-LabelPrint, if your disk allows it - measure the diameter of the printable areas. Then choose Select Paper under the Edit menu, add a New design, give it some meaninful name, such as the sizes, and then change the outer size to lets say 118 mm and the inner size to 20 (or whatever numbers you came up with). This little trick will then be saved until the nex time you open the software, so you never have to do it again.

    So there you have it folks! I hope the search engines find this posts so that fellow Mac users doesn't have to go crazy to find the solution to the problem with the dreaded inner tray door not being closed - when it actually should be open!"

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    Your time is too valuable
    IMHO I don't know why people subject themselves to such hassles as using document printers to make disc labels. That is old technology and very temperamental to boot. I have switched to the Dymo DiscPainter to make my labels and am glad I did. Best of all the DiscPainter works with the Leopard OS. No workarounds or other complex fixes needed.

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