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    Question DVD System Preferences Issue On MacBook Running 10.4.11
    In the System Preferences > CDs & DVDs on my friend's MacBook (Core Duo, 1.8ghz, OS X 10.4.11), she is having a problem with her setting for "When you insert a video DVD:" not staying set to "Open DVD Player". For whatever reason, it cannot be changed from "Ignore". The iCon for DVD Player doesn't appear when selecting it, and after you close out of System Preferences, it goes back to Ignore. I have deleted the preferences for DVD Player, run Repair Permissions (probably a pointless gesture), looked everywhere I can think of in the system, and checked online for anything far nothing.

    So I pose this to you here. What could cause this, and do you have any suggestions on how to fix it?

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    Is DvD player installed, if that is the case their may be some missing information, therefore not seen, my suggestion would be to insert the restore discs" there is an option to install the operating system only, this should leave everything else in tact, unfortunately this is not a stand alone app and forms part of the operating system, you could also try a powerful cleaner! such as OnyX / Ice clean, both found on the Apple download site, apart from running permissions these will enable you to rest many parameters including scripts, useful.

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