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    Problems w/ Finder in Exposť
    So here's the deal. Normally the Finder search bar up in the corner works, no problems. BUT, if I try to use it while I'm in Exposť, it gets all sorts of effed up.

    Take a look at the pictures-

    #1 Here's what Finder looks like before a search. It's all cut off and annoying.

    #2 Here's what it looks like after a search. It's even more cut off and annoying, and on top of that the mouse icon doesn't line up with the words, so you have to have it way below what you want to click on for that item to highlight.

    #3 This is what it looks like if you go out of Exposť and back into it. The right side of the image it the edge of my screen. It is almost all the way out of the screen!

    Does anyone else have this problem? And if so, has anyone found a solution?
    Black MacBook
    Black 2GB iPod Nano & Black 80GB iPod Classic
    B&W G3
    G4's - PowerMac & Cube

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    the same exact thing happens to me...
    seams like a bug...

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