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    Emac with OSX Server install - need help
    hi guys
    i have try to install my new emac with OS X server, but strangely the screen is shrink to 6"x5" size at the beginning of the OS X serv. installation, not so sure whats happen.. :confused:

    here is may Spec
    1.25GHz PowerPC G4 Processor
    256MB of PC2700 (333MHz) DDR SDRAM
    ATI Radeon 9200; 32MB dedicated DDR SDRAM video memory Graphics support

    anybody have an idea :rolleyes:

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    Have you tried completing the installation, or did you just stop when you saw the incorrect screen size?

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    i just stop at the beginning of the installation, can't see the button or text area to input, screen just show 30% of total page with top menu only
    (hint- the screen is 40%++ black margin, with image at the center )

    does this is the fault from VRAM setting?

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    i was told to restart the machine and hold CMD + OPTION + P + R at the same time during reboot, but not try yet ... hope its will work

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    huh, the OSX server cd doesn't have enought graphic driver for eMac, the installation is ok but cannot configure the setting, does any body have a work around?, please let me know

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