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    Backing up OS X Leopard and Windows XP to same external hard drive ?
    I am looking to get the new Apple ultraportable when it comes out [whenever that is]. Anyway, I want to run Windows XP thru Boot Camp to run some business applications. However, I have only one external HD that I use for back ups. My question is, will I be able to use this drive for backing up each individual OS? I know the the Windows XP partition and the OS X Leopard partition will be different formats [NTFS or FAT32 and whatever Apple uses]. Will I have to partition my external hard drive in the same way and back up Windows to the similarly formatted partition on the external drive and the same for OS X??? I am confused...and maybe I am over-complicating this.

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    20' iMac / 2.0ghz / 250GB HD / 4.0GB RAM - Leopard
    It's a valid question. I have a ext HD that I used on my pc and just plugged it into my new iMac and the mac can read it and access with no problem but I can't get to know what format is (drive properties? where via mac?). I have the same question but given my experience today, there seems to be a format that can be used by both. Hopefully someone will respond.

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