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    I hope I'm doing something wrong
    so I decided to burn a DVD yesterday. I put the disk in the drive and I wanted to back up my music collection, (7 gigs) however, since I didn't know EXACTLY how much would fit, I grabed a good amount and threw it on there. 40 minutes later, after it had copied the songs from the original spot to somewhere else, I could add more.

    So I'm hoping I can burn a CD-DVD WITHOUT that whole copying nonsense...because that gets pretty boring real fast.
    Ps - 10.3.5

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    have you tried the data disc burning feature in itunes? if all of your music is in your itunes library, then go into itunes burning preferences, and select "Data CD". then select all the songs in your library and make a new playlist from them. then just burn the playlist, and if it requires more than one dvd to complete the job, it will automatically ask you for another disc when the first one is full.

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    yeah, I've done that before - but I'd also like to back up the movies that I've made - is there an easy way to do that?

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