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    im soon to switch from xp to mac 10.3 panther, what should I expect?
    Ive used os 9.0 about 2 years ago in the school mac lab, it was ok. Then last year in the same mac lab we got new computers with mac os 10.2. How is mac os x.3 "panther"? Im gonna get an ibook, 1.2ghz, 60gb, 14" screen, 256ram (then add 512ram later), airport express, and the mac os x.3 "panther". How does os 10.2 compare to 10.3? I tried it for a split second at fry's, seems really similer. But all-in-all, what should I expect?

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    10.3 is mostly similar than 10.2, with some new features, being faster and a little different look (brushed Aluminium for some apps and less pinstripes).

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