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    Unhappy Finding compatible software to create autorun menus for usb flash drives
    I am in the process of trying to include some marketing materials on some usb flash drives. I have videos, pdf files and power point presentations. My client would like me to create a menu so when they plug in the flash drive the menu will appear and they can make their choice as to what to view. The videos etc. would be linked to the menu items.
    I have found several "autoplay menu" creating sofware out there, but all of them are windows compatible. I work solely with Mac. Does anyone know of any software that would be compatible to my osX operating system??


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    There is no "autoplay menu" option like that possible on a Mac, hence the reason there is no software for it. OS X simply doesn't work that way.
    You could have a Finder window open when the drive is mounted and put a "Click Here" type of shortcut in the window, but not have an interactive menu open up on mount.

    This is just one of those times where a Windows system is better suited for the job.
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    The reason that there is no Autorun feaure is pretty simple: security.

    On Windows, Autorun is frequently used to spread viruses and other malware. Anything that automatically does something is dangerous. For that reason, even if I were using a Windows PC, if I got something from your client that automatically ran, I would be more than a little ticked off.

    Your client might want to consider that.

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    Question Bump
    I have been asked to do a similar thing -- no need to autoplay though.
    Is anyone able to tell me how to do this?


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