Hey all... this one has me stumped! I have a DVD- challenged PowerPC G4 (733 mHz, 1 gig ram) and am trying to re-install 10.4.3 on it via iPod using a firewire cable. I've installed the software (to my knowledge) correctly on the iPod, but am having trouble booting from the iPod. It appears in the start-up disk menu in system preferences, however, when I reboot the computer it does not detect the iPod as a start-up disk, it just goes right to the mac HD. Even when I press "c" it show the mac HD as the only option to boot from. Now, if this does not work, I have heard of booting from the DVD drive of another computer using firewire (http://www.macosxhints.com/article.p...0430005341450)... the question then is... will doing this wipe the computer with the DVD drive? Any help would be greatly appreciated!